3D Modeling

PEZ is the only 3D modeling company that can meet the explosive demand for 3D content among leading e-commerce retailers, platform developers, and metaverse world builders. We provide our clients with superior 3D product modeling services in order to increase audience attention and accelerate sales growth. Our 3D product modeling services allow companies to showcase products, from electronics to furniture, and their qualities in the most profitable way

Client Overview & Requirements

Furniture and home goods ecommerce retailer requiring a 3D modeling provider to produce high-quality models to meet their evolving photorealistic rendering needs, within a workflow leveraging client’s content management toolsets. The client’s aggressive quarterly ramp plan requires a modeling team that can consistently deliver on:

® Adaptation of evolving operational workflows

® Neutralizing environmental impacts included in product reference imagery that could alter the quality of the 3D model, and ensure final delivery of 3ds MAX 2020 and Vray Next models maintain product quality and photorealism characteristics

® Weekly submissions with 15 days batch turnaround times

Client Overview & Challenges

Multi-vertical ecommerce retailer requiring a 3D modeling provider that can support integration into their existing content management system and scale modeling volumes rapidly with a multi-step Quality Assurance workflow. Client needed to identify a go-to 3D modeling provider that can rapidly scale while consistently delivering on:

© Quality expectations for Real Time Render assets and product variations for marketing and ecommerce use cases which require different file types, including .fbx, .glTF, and supporting maps

© Support in modeling hundreds of different product categories

© Consistently exceeding volumes of +1000 SKUs per month©

Realism and Efficiency.

Production of photo compositions for feasibility study and landscape relationship, Pupils and graphics for project presentations and real estate marketing, 3D and 3D Tracking Animations, Web design and interactive multimedia presentations, Design and realization of video games for mobile, desktop and web platforms. Musical production and production of soundtrack for movies.

® Three-dimensional rendering is a graphical process that allows you to get realistic images starting from project elements. With this solution, you can create external scenes, interiors or abstract scenes to capture fixed or moving shots (3D animations).

® Our customers entrust us their designs, usually CAD 2D digital files, from which our staff obtains three-dimensional models, respecting in detail the track received. The models are then integrated by applying to the surfaces of the coating materials to simulate the final yield of each element: plaster for walls, parquet or tiles for flooring, wood for window frames and finishes … Each element of the scene comes to life with the ” inserting light points and lighting system, a real key element for realistic images that are often indistinguishable from a photograph.