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Achieving the ultimate in graphic layering and video compositing isn’t easy, but PEZ with superb editorial and engineering skill combined with the industry’s most versatile editing equipment enable us to deliver high-end seamless results and a competitive edge for your product-in less time than you ever imagined


Real estate photo retouching and other special services

Whether you are a real estate agent, builder or you want to sell off or rent your property, experts at Perfect Editing Zone can make the task easier with interior and exterior photo editing services. While displaying your residential and commercial buildings at their best, we make sure that the images provide an accurate representation to the customers with perfect balance of lighting, color and contrast, appeal to prospective buyers and help you increase conversions.
We address the minuscule details of your photos that go unnoticed. Our image editing experts, as part of our real estate interior photo editing services, get into the intricacies of your architectural photos and undertake photo blending, expose correction, and picture bracketing to present them at their best. As far as our real estate exterior photo editing services are concerned, our experts go all out to make your images look their natural best by removing unflattering background, adjusting the brightness and contrast levels, among a few other things.
Our Real Estate Architectural Photo Retouching Services include:
– Image retouching;
– Day to dusk;
– Noise reduction;
– Straightening;
– White balance, exposure, lens correction, color adjustments;
– Brightest/Contrast Adjustment;
– Perspective Correction;
– Remove small spots, camera flashes, dust, glare, reflection…;
– Resizing, removing background and Object removing;
– Color correction;
– Exposure correction;
– Still Image Enhancement;
– Add green grass, trees, and small objects like lamp, chair or table…;
– Sky change/Replacement, sky setting;
– Complete details for unfinished property…;
and many more…

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